CSR & ISOTAS Corporation

Toyota Tsusho Group Environmental Policy

  1. As a responsible corporate citizen, we strive to reduce the following impact on the environment by eliminating environmental pollution, while placing a high priority on not disturbing the global environment in conducting business.
    • Address climate change issues, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    • Preservation of forests and biodiversity
    • Effective use of resources and energy
    • Effective use of water and reduction of the amount of use in water stressed regions
  2. We promote environment-related businesses, such as the efficient use of waste and the preservation of natural resources, and contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented economy and society in collaboration with our affiliates and business partners.
  3. We comply with all environmental requirements, including environmental laws and regulations and industry guidelines.
  4. We participate in activities to reduce impact on the environment by establishing an environmental management system and implement Kaizen (continuous improvement) of these activities through periodic review and the application of creative ideas.
  5. We enhance environmental awareness among employees by providing environmental training and promoting a thorough understanding of our environmental policy.

December 18, 2019 Toyota Tsusho Corporation

Compliance Policy

The entire Toyota Tsusho Group is engaged in efforts to improve compliance, starting with a compliance-specific code of conduct and awareness activities in place, stratified training, and consultation opportunities both inside and outside the group.
Moreover, to enhance our organizational performance, diversity and inclusion are being promoted in ways that are bringing people of differing personalities and social and cultural backgrounds into the fold.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rather than treat CSR as something special, we consider it an integral part of business management and administration for measuring how we go about all of our business activities. We have reflected the basic CSR policy of the Toyota Tsusho Group in our corporate principles where we have positioned people (education), the planet (environmental protection) and society (community outreach) as important themes, and are globally engaged in contributing to a better and more affluent world.

Environmental Policy

Certificate of ISO14001

We establish our environmental management system under the environmental policy of the Toyota Tsusho Group which leads a part in realizing a resource-recycling, low carbon and eco-friendly society, uphold environmental laws and regulations, and effectively prevent pollution. As the result we acquired ISO 14001 certificate.