Electrical Component Parts Business Unit

TAS corporation

Specialized in electrical components distribution for imported cars.

We stock more than 10,000 items stably in our warehouses for serving 65 brands of imported vehicles and agricultural machinery from 8 countries. We have about a 35% market share in this segment nationally.
Furthermore, our nationwide sales network counts more than 11,000 registered companies and our swift ordering system ensures next-day delivery anywhere in Japan.

Our Advantage

Our outstanding strength is dealing in a vast range of electrical components for varieties of imported vehicles/machineries, stock them all in our warehouses and manage them in our database.

We also have parts for specific products such as vintage cars, tractors, combines and marine boats.

About Business

In the rebuilding business, we deal Diesel with particulate filter (DPF), engine starters, alternators and other parts which is contributing to sustainable society,

DPF Rebuilding

DPF business begun in 2018, we applied new method in re-birthing diesel particulate filters.

It is our challenge against the new business with new technology.

Since purchasing brand new DPF filters is quite costly, we recommend re-generating filters by melting out ashes inside.

Additionally, clearing up by so-called double-air-blow works effectively.

・DPF Rebuilding System

Electrical Components Rebuilding for Trucks

We rebuild mainly SAWAFIJI engine starters and alternators.

Electrical Components Rebuilding for Imported cars

We supply rebuilt engine starters and alternators for imported cars with variety of lin

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