Solution business

Your true business partner - accommodating any customer needs with a vast product line and services.

Our solution business offers two segments - Planning, distribution and sales of high quality aluminum wheels and electrical components for imported vehicles

TAS develops two product segments as the solution business.

One is aluminum wheels for imported vehicles, which we design, develop and sell. In this industry, we have captured the top market share with a combination of our original brand “AGA” and “TECMAG”, and imported wheels made by the long-standing German manufacturer “BORBET”.
Since both original and imported wheels are developed with pinpoint measurements on the actual vehicles by our skilled staff, we can offer a variety of products and precise service that meets any customer needs. Plus, all wheels come with a 3-year warranty and PL insurance.
Therefore, by providing such safety and security, we support our customers for their business promotion of wheel retail sales.

Our another solution business is a niche segment of specialized in electrical components distribution for imported vehicles. We stock more than 10,000 items stably in our warehouses for serving 65 brands of imported vehicles and agricultural machinery from 8 countries. We have about a 35% market share in this segment nationally.
Furthermore, our nationwide sales network counts more than 11,000 registered companies and our swift ordering system ensures next-day delivery anywhere in Japan.

AGA wheel photo

AGA wheel

BORBET wheel photo

BORBET wheel

TECMAG wheel photo

TECMAG wheel

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Staff Voice Parts & Accessories Div. ... Yuka Kusano

We provide multilateral support to imported car dealership to solve their problems and promote their sales.

I belong to the Sales Group and am mainly responsible for providing support for the dealers. Besides the item delivery arrangement, I prepare product information, price lists and direct mail in line with the individual requests they have.
One of our strengths is that many women are actively engaged in work. I myself like to put my feminine sensitivity to work, not only just differentiate ourselves with the products we offer, but also running around every day to provide value-added service that hits the ” right spot.”

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Staff Voice Yokohama Generator Div. ... Yusaku Aida

Please call me whenever you seek any imported electrical components from passenger cars to agricultural machineries

Our outstanding strength is dealing in a vast range of electrical components for varieties of imported vehicles/machineries, stock them all in our warehouses and manage them in our database. With just a serial number or chassis number of each vehicle/machinery, we can swiftly address and deliver the required parts.
We also have parts for specific products such as vintage cars, tractors, combines and ships.
Thanks to the cooperation of customer, I have learned a wide range of things working in the front office. Trust me! Give me a call!

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TAS Sales of alloy wheels for imported vehicle.
Yokohama Sales of electrical components for imported vehicles