Resource-circulation business

We contribute to resource-circulation society by using our years of experience as a trading company.

Exporting used vehicles and used forklifts, rebuilding automotive components.

How can we utilize limited resources effectively on this planet?

Our three business models are one of its answers;
“Used vehicle export business”, “Used forklift export business” and “Automobile components rebuilding business”- we believe those business are contributing to developing sustainable society.

In the used vehicle business, we have strict buying standards to ensure only the best quality vehicles are selected. As a result, we are supplying reliable vehicles to those countries where vehicle demand is growing.
In the used forklift business, we have to bear in mind that customer needs vary according to each destination workplace so that we procure the products which best suited to customers. Here, our professional staff take full responsibility throughout the whole process from proposing products until delivering them.
In the rebuilding automotive components business, we deal in engine starters, alternators and other parts which is contributing to sustainable society, also.

In each of these business segments, we work closely with Toyota Tsusho Corporation to satisfy customers by ensuring up-to-date information and a skilled sales force to provide services.


Fleet of carefully selected used vehicles

Fleet of carefully selected used vehicles

High quality and wide range of used forklifts

High quality and wide range of used forklifts

photo:Natsuko Watanabe

Staff Voice Export & Import Dept. ... Natsuko Watanabe

We cross the divides in ethnicity and values to spread the circle of resource-circulation conceptaround the world.
We are doing business in with about 50 countries around the world and I’m responsible for the import and export logistics. Admittedly, it has not been easy learning the business and improving my English, but I feel good inside when all of the hard work lands the customer with the best-matching vehicle.
Our resource-circulation business consists perfectly with the group’s environmental policy because of handling resource-circulation commodities. If we ever open up an office overseas in the future, I hope I get stationed there!

TAS AUTO Export of used vehicles,used forklifts, and automotive spare parts.
TAS AUTO Export of used vehicles,used forklifts, and automotive spare parts.