Resource-circulation business

We contribute to resource-circulation society by using our years of experience as a trading company.

Exporting used vehicles and used forklifts, rebuilding automotive components.

Exporting used forklifts , rebuiding automotive components How can we utilize limited resources effectively on this planet?

Our three business models are one of its answers;
“Used vehicle export business”, “Used forklift export business” and “Automobile components rebuilding business”- we believe those business are contributing to developing sustainable society.

In the used forklift business, we have to bear in mind that customer needs vary according to each destination workplace so that we procure the products which best suited to customers. Here, our professional staff take full responsibility throughout the whole process from proposing products until delivering them.
In the rebuilding automotive components business, we deal in engine starters, alternators and other parts which is contributing to sustainable society, also.

In the DPF business begun in 2018 ,we applied new method in re-birthing diesel particulate filters. It is our challenge against the new business with new technology.

In each of these business segments, we use our resources effectively to satisfy customers by ensuring up-to-date information and a skilled sales force to provide services.


Fleet of carefully selected used vehicles

High quality and wide range of used forklifts

High quality and wide range of used forklifts

DPF regeneration business

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what is DPF re-generation business?

Since purchasing brand new DPF filters is quite costly, we recommend re-generating filters by melting out ashes inside.
Additionally, clearing up by so-called double-air-blow works effectively.

Please feel free to contact us. We will then provide you the most economical solution for keeping your own buses and trucks run well.

TAS AUTO Export of used vehicles,used forklifts, and automotive spare parts.